The level of service includes a full analysis of the business and custom-written report for the specific use and specific audience. Applicable for: Litigation and IRS filings.
Business Valuation with Summary Report
The essential difference between an Appraisal and Valuation is in the content and level of details information provided in the summary report. Applicable for: Small and Mid-size transaction support, Exit/Succession Planning, Buy/Sell agreements.
Bussiness Value Assessment with Restrictive Report
Value Assessments (aka “Calculation”) does not result in a conclusion or opinion of value and is based on the selected procedures agreed upon by the appraiser and the client, omitting non-essential information. Applicable for: Verification of assumed price for internal use.
Machinery & Equipment Appraisal (ABA)
These appraisals are based on the tangible and intangible assets of a company.

About Us

IBVA Pros Valuation Experts provide confidential, independent, unbiased, appraisal services for small and mid-sized businesses, larger privately-held companies, and their professional advisors. IBVA Pros Valuation Experts has provided appraisal and consulting services to clients located in our Home State of Colorado and throughout the United States.


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