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Our Services


Business Valuation with Comprehensive Report

This level of Service includes a full analysis of the business with a comprehensive report for a specific use and specific audience.   This is applicable for litigation and IRS filings


Business Valuation with Summary Report

This level of service includes a full analysis of the business with a written summary report this would be applicable for a small and midsized transaction support, exit/succession planning, buy/sell agreements, etc.


Business Value Assessment with Restrictive Report

This service (aka “Calculation”) does not result in a conclusion of value or opinion of value - not a true valuation.  Rather it's merely the result of calculation  based on the pre-selected procedures agreed upon by the appraiser and the client. Applicable for verification of assumed price for internal use.

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Machinery & Equipment Appraisal

These appraisals are typically provided for the purpose of determining the accurate value of machinery, equipment and various other personal property that may represent a significant share of a business’ value.

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