Every company and engagement is difference, but generally we ask our clients for the following data. The information list below is critical to the completion of valuation projects. For items on this list that are not available, IBVA Valuation Experts will work with our clients to develop substitute data or determine if data is not available or not applicable.

Financial Documents:

• Most recent interim report
• Five (5) years of historical reports

◦ Balance Sheet
◦ Income Statement
◦ Statement of Cash Flow
◦ Federal Income Tax Return
◦ Fixed Assets depreciation schedule

• Off Balance Sheet Assets
• Copies of any forecast or projections
• Aged accounts receivable
• Aged accounts payable
• Inventory Summary
• Schedule of Insurance
• Owners/Key Personnel Compensation
• Lease Agreements


Company Information:

• Articles of Incorporation
• By-Laws of Corporation
• Management Agreement of LLC
• List of Stockholders or Partners
• Past transactions in ownership
• Copies of any buy/sell agreements
• Environmental Audit
• Legal actions (settled/ pending)
• List each business location
• Brochures and marketing materials
• Major Contracts
• Contingent liabilities


Other Important Information:

• List of major suppliers
• List of key competitors
• List of trade publications
• Recent appraisals
• Copies of employment agreements

Equipment List:

• Manufacturer
• Model Number
• Serial Number
• Purchase Date
• Purchase Price
• Maintenance Record
• Anticipated Life Remaining